Global Ocean Observing System - GOOS
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lonelyfishflickrbox The ocean has many impacts on human life, through its central place in many human activities, but also through its role within the climate system. Ocean observations are needed to help us understand, manage and prepare for those impacts. Read more

1 float preparation 300 The Framework for Ocean Observing guides observations to produce impactful data and relevant tools to address societal challenges. Read more.

The GOOS brings together people with diverse skills and from around the world to collaborate on an efficient and impactful observing system. Read more.

The observing system is composed of a variety of cutting edge observing efforts, following up-to-date standards and methods. Read more.

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First Report of the TPOS 2020 project now available

The First Report of the TPOS 2020 project was published on 30 December 2016. This report contains initial recommendations for the Backbone and a synopsis of initial results and plans for the various initiatives of TPOS 2020.

15-Dec-2016: New agreement to coordinate a global marine biodiversity observing system

Three major initiatives (GOOS, OBIS and GEOBON MBON) signed a collaboration agreement to join efforts towards a sustained, coordinated global ocean system of marine biological and ecosystem observations to support management decisions and address relevant science and societal needs